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Let us design your PC board!

We can do as much or as little as you require, starting from an idea sketched on a napkin or a professsionally drawn schematic. Give us your BOM, or we will search parts sources and create one for you. Depending upon your requirements, we can provide you with Gerbers or manage production of your boards for you. Documentation to your specification will be provided, up to and including hand-assembly instructions if needed. We can even do small to medium prototype builds. You are always in control!.

Our overhead is low, enabling us to offer these services at a fraction of the cost of other design houses. Our designer will work closely with you to make sure you are satisfied with the final design.

This design mixes both thru-hole components and surface mount technology. It is a relatively dense layout for a board which was going to be assembled by hand and in medium quantities.
Not every design requires components to be packed so densely.

This is a development board we made for the PIC16F876 microprocessor. An RS232 output is provided and power is supplied by a wall wart. All data lines are brought out to terminals for the experimenter.
Even small layouts can be made at a cost which still leaves a profit for you.
We don't care how simple your circuit is. We aim to provide you with a design you will be pleased with!

For a quote or if you have any questions please email us:

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